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  • Online Chess Store

    There are many Chess Sets sold around the world today, from Department stores, high street stores and of course online chess sites.
    One such Chess site is Jaques Of London, not just any another chess site though! Started in 1795 in London,
    started manufacturing chess sets from ivory and bone, in white and red sets-the red was [...]

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  • Buy And Play Backyard Chess And Checkers

    Outdoor Mat Chess and Checkers, a popular Family Game from Jaques Of London, the best known family games company, has a range of original Garden Games to buy including this luxurious backyard Game.
    This giant Chess and Checkers Mat Game is played with large circular wooden pieces and made to the original layout design, invented by Jaques Of London more than one hundred years ago. The [...]

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  • Wonderful Chess Section!

    For everything Chess sets, whether you are playing, learning to play or just would like information regarding this great game, look no further than the oldest family games firm in the world and inventors of the 'Staunton' Chess piece design.........Jaques Of London.
    Chess Sets, wonderful wooden Chess Boards, and a host of chess accessories to complement your [...]

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  • Lovely Giant Chess and Checkers Set!

    The Outdoor Mat Chess and Checkers game is very popular with Families who enjoy playing garden games outside on the lawn or even in the Park!.
    Jaques Of London, the friendly, family games company, making quality games since 1795, have a fantastic range of Garden Games  including this luxurious Giant Garden Game.
    This Checkers / Chess set [...]

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  • Simply Beautiful Jaques Of London Chess Sets

    Start and finish your search for a luxury chess set with Jaques Of London. This very old family games firm has been manufacturing chess sets for over two hundred years. In those times the chessmen were made from ivory, with the 'Black' pieces made from ivory stained with pigs blood to make them red!
    Jaques Of [...]

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  • Chess Set For The New Home?

    If you have just moved into your new home, you probably still have boxes everywhere! Once they have all been unpacked, its time to have a sit down and take stock of what is needed for the new house. Maybe some new furniture or maybe some games for the garden? Have you thought about buying a nice [...]

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  • 12" Card And Linen Chess Set For The Summer!

    Have you had time to look at the superb new 12" Card and Linen Chess set and board from the Chess set makers, Jaques Of London?
    A two hundred year old family firm, Jaques Of London have helped to shape the Chess world by inventing the "Staunton" design of chessmen along with the chess master at the time Howard [...]

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  • Buy A Beautiful Ornamental Resin Lewis Chess Set

    Within the Jaques Of London Chess range, the marble resin made, The Lewis Chess Set is a superb replica of the oldest complete set of chessmen ever discovered.
    This oldest Chess set in the Jaques Of London Chess range is a lovely ornamental Lewis Chess set. The design of this old set, is the most famous chessmen design after the Staunton design.
    Beautifully manufactured [...]

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  • Reserve Your Superb 19" Book Style Chess Set Today!

    The new 19" Folding Book Style Chess Set from the oldest family games makers in the world, Jaques Of London is a very popular  wooden addition to the already best selling 11" travel version.
    The exquisite luxurious wooden  Chess Range from Jaques Of London, inventors of the 'Staunton' chessmen design, contains many wellmade sets from entry level, affordable units right upto the top of the range hand [...]

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  • Not Just Chess Accessories!

    Find all of your Chess set and Backgammon set needs including a whole host of luxury accessories all in one place, in the online Chess store at
    Whether you have lost a chess piece or are thinking about buying a complete set for a gift, the Jaques Of London complete chess store has accessories you are looking [...]

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  • Play backyard Chess Today!

    The Oldest Sports and Games Makers in the world Jaques Of London have recently introduced into the superb luxurious chess range, a set to enjoy on your lawn in the backyard.
    The Chess set and Checkers game is played on a luxury 4' x 4' canvas mat, marked out with the chess board on one side and turn [...]

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  • Superb Jaques Of London Chess Sets

    There is no better place to buy a luxurious Jaques Chess set than at the great online chess store at .
    Jaques Of London, a very old family games company, is renowned the world over for the quality in chess set manufacture. Over one hundred years ago, the company invented the 'Staunton' design along with [...]

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  • Play with the fabulous 19" Folding Book Style Chess Set-Yet Another Jaques Set!

    The superb Traditional 19" Folding Book Style Chess Set from Jaques Of London is just a lovely addition to the already comprehensive Chess Set Range, joining as is does, the very successful 11" travelling version, both fantastic folding book style Chess Sets.
    The large Chess Range from Jaques Of London, inventors of the 'Staunton' design [...]

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  • Hello world!

    Welcome to Jaques News Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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